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In this page we inform you about all the resources, contents and techniques that we can use to enrich the study process... Discover a world of learning with GoConqr!

Create resources

There is nothing more enriching for your study than creating your own content with the digital tools that you have at your disposal. Resorting to content created by others is fine… but if it’s yours it will be more personalized and adapted to your needs. For example, you can use GoConqr mind maps to structure your notes or the flashcards to help you memorize the most complex concepts.  Access a world of learning in an entertaining and fun way with our tools.

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Find amazing user generated content

The GoConqr community has recently reached 3 million registered users, so there’s a large number of people actively participating in the dissemination of knowledge. Therefore, you can discover a world of learning with our online library and perform a search to access the thousands of resources created by other students, depending on the subject that you have to study. However you won’t be overwhelmed as you can limit your search to particular resource types.

You can access all kinds of themes, from the work and life of the great authors of Spanish literature to scientific treatises. For example, one of the most complete interactive resources is the history of the Berlin Wall and was created by one of the registered users in GoConqr… The possibilities to get the grade you want are endless!

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Vary your study strategies

There are different ways to take a test and study techniques that you can apply… from individual to collaborative learning. We have many options that can vary depending on your personality and how you approach studying. According to your goals for a particular project or test, you can vary the strategies that you use and adapt them to your immediate needs. For example, if you have an exam that includes many concepts to memorize, you might want to take a quiz to monitor the degree of knowledge you have in the subject and have a better exam prep

On the other hand, if you have a test in which it’s more important to have a global understanding – of history or philosophy, for example – perhaps it’s more effective to make use of a mind map to organise concepts or themes. Mastering the world of learning is easier and more accessible than you think if you surround yourself with the right resources and know the different study strategies available, such as the spaced-repetition technique