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French Proficiency Exams 101: DALF and DELF Exam

DELF Exam – Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française

DALF – Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française


Ou la la! French, the language of love.. Such a lovely language to learn, study and know. Not only will you be able to impress any date with your smooth talking, but knowing more than one language can open a variety of doors. In countries like Canada being bilingual is invaluable and will make all the difference applying for that dream job. So say oui, grab your baguette and glass of wine and start studying with GoConqr!

One of the most highly recognized ways of proving French proficiency is by taking the DELF Exam. Each certificate is made up of individual diplomas for the corresponding levels of CEFR, starting from A1 going up until C2, and students take a different test for each. The DELF Exam has four diplomas (A1 beginner to B2 intermediate) and the DALF only has two (C1 and C2 advanced).

See a full breakdown of the DALF and DELF exam and their diplomas in the Mind Map below:

For the DELF Exam, the diplomas A1 and A2 are for basic or elementary level French proficiency, meaning that the student possesses “survival French.” Then diplomas B1 and B2 show that the student has a good or intermediate knowledge of French and is able to effectively communicate both verbally and written.

The DALF diplomas are more advanced and are only received by highly proficient students. C1 and C2 show that the student is a master of the French language, is totally fluent and has expert communication skills, both written and orally. It also proves that the student possesses knowledge on specialized topics.

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How To Study For DELF Exam

The best way to prepare for all of your DALF and DELF exam are with GoConqr, that offers a series of free online study tools and resources that will revolutionize the way you study languages. Learning a new language can take many hours of commitment, hard work and practice but can also be a lot of fun, as long as you’re studying the right way. GoConqr’s goal is to transform your learning process into an active one, help solve study problems and ensure that students get the most out of their study time.

DELFOur Mind Mapping tool has been proven to be highly beneficial for brainstorming, problem solving and is a great way of organizing your thoughts especially when learning different vocabulary or verb tenses. Another great GoConqr tool are the Quizzes where you can actually track your progress and see where you need to focus some more study time.

The Flashcards are perfect for those times when you have to memorize lots of vocabulary and you can even add visuals, making the process that much more quick and easy. There are tons of tools and resources to choose from with GoConqr, all equally helpful and all totally free.

Do you know enough to pass the A1 diploma? Click below on the GoConqr Flashcard deck and see:

Check out some more DALF and DELF Exam study resources below:

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