5 Easy Steps To Preparing For The FCE Test

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5 Easy Steps To Preparing For The FCE Test

Has learning English been your New Year’s resolution year after year? Have you always wanted to learn English but even after years of trying to teach yourself, you still haven’t mastered it?

The Cambridge University First Certificate Examination, or FCE, is one of the most popular English proficiency tests taken and once passed certifies that you have an intermediate level of English or B2. However commonly the test is taken, it is definitely not an easy one and requires a lot of practice and hard work.

Now that you’ve decided to take the FCE test you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed… But that’s okay, you’re not the only one and we’re here to help! With GoConqr you can join a community of thousands of students who are also studying online for their FCE.

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#1 Set A Test Date (And Stick To It)

fce testRegister for the exam ASAP, mark the date in your calendar and don’t lose sight. Once you choose an FCE test date it means that you’re committing to it and all the work, study time and effort that comes along with writing the exam. Set a schedule for yourself and work backwards from the test date so that way you can hold yourself accountable.

#2 Measure Your Progress

Use GoConqr’s Study Planner to set a schedule that includes goals for the short and long term so that you can accurately measure your progress. An example of a goal you could set would be seeing if by the end of one week you can consistently get at least 50% correct on FCE grammar, and then reach for 60% the next week, etc. Here are a couple practice tests that might can help:

#3 Get To Know Common Phrases

The spoken section of the FCE test is often the hardest for students but don’t worry, living in London isn’t a prerequisite for getting a good grade in this section. The key to success is memorising, practicing and getting to know some key phrases that are commonly used. Check out the GoConqr Mind Map below to see some examples of good phrases to know.

Make Mind Maps like the one above by signing up for GoConqr, it’s free, with no strings attached and guaranteed to help you with all your studying needs.

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#4 Practice Your Vocabulary

fce testThe spoken section of the FCE test is difficult because of the large amount of vocabulary that students are required to know. When memorising the best study strategy is to use Flashcards and it’s important to use them actively, by editing and reviewing them constantly, to make sure that the information sticks. Using an online tool like GoConqr is the easiest way to do this, and you can even add images or share with your peers. Here are some resources from Spanish to English that can give you a head start:

#5 Review Using Situations

You could argue that a lot of the FCE test doesn’t necessarily depend on your knowledge of the English language. It more has to do with how well you can respond in different scenarios and then show understanding by how quickly and accurately you answer questions. A good way to prepare is by simulating the actual exam with practice tests and sample questions. Here are some resources that can help you practice:

Now that you know how to prepare for the FCE and GoConqr has shown you some of the best study strategies for success, passing the test will be easy! Learning languages takes time, commitment and hard work but all in all it can be a really fun, rewarding  and worthwhile experience. GoConqr is here to help you through everything so make sure to sign up and start using our great resources.

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