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How To Study For The First Certificate Exam

First Certificate Exam

The First Certificate in English (FCE) from the University of Cambridge is one of the most important tests to prove English comprehension and one that many students take worldwide. There is a minimum level of English language skills that are needed in order to pass the FCE. In order to receive your certificate, the first step in showing your knowledge is to prove you’re at at least a B2 Level, or upper intermediate.

Learning to speak a new language is always a challenge but the pressure is on once you set a test date. Regardless of how your studying is going, you’re going to want to find the fastest, easiest way to learn English so you can pass the FCE.

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GoConqr Will Help You Ace The FCE

first certificate examThe key to FCE success is having a strong study plan and utilising the great free online study resources that are available, like the ones offered by GoConqr. GoConqr has study tools that are highly effective for memorising and reviewing vocabulary, grammar and all aspects of learning a language. If you’re preparing for the First Certificate this is your lucky day, because we have all your study needs covered.

GoConqr is a free online learning platform that aims to make learning an active process, thereby improving students’ learning experience and helping them better retain information. With our online tools you can create Mind Maps, Study Planners, Notes, Quizzes, and even share resources with peers. All of this can significantly help you improve your English and be successful on the the Cambridge English Exams.

Benefits of Using Mind Maps, Flashcards & Quizzes

Creating Mind Maps is a great way to brainstorm, form ideas, practice vocabulary and improve your understanding of the grammatical structure of English, all by organizing your English studies in a highly visual way.

first certificate examLearning any language requires the memorisation of large amounts of vocabulary. If you want to memorise phrasal verbs, vocabulary or conjugation, the most effective (and fun) way is with Flashcards. Using Flashcards is proven to be the most efficient and effective way of memorising and the easiest way to make a flashcard deck is with an online tool like GoConqr. Our tool allows you to quickly edit and manage the cards, add photos to them and keep track of your study progress, even on-the-go.

Practice makes perfect, so when it’s time to start testing your knowledge of English before taking the FCE, try creating a Quiz with GoConqr’s online feature. Easily make multiple choice style quizzes and keep track of your progress and see where there’s room for improvement. Share your quiz results with friends and see how you compare.

Click on the Flashcard deck below, fill in the blanks and see for yourself what GoConqr is all about:

We’ve got plenty more resources like this that you can use to help study for the First Certificate. Also make sure to check out our GoConqr resource that shows you the 5 Easy Steps To Preparing For The FCE.

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