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GCSE Tools, Tips & Resources

GCSE Revision OnlineYour GCSE is your first experience of a Government exam if you’re a student in the UK. This may make it sound like a scary process, but there are ways you can make studying for the GCSE exam easier. If you’re a determined student who is focused on achieving as many A* grades in your GCSE results as possible, we can make your ambitions happen a lot easier than traditional study methods.

GoConqr is a free online learning platform designed with the latest technology for students like you. Our study resources help you create, share and discover a new way to learn using Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Notes and a Revision Timetable tool.

GCSE Tools

The GoConqr GCSE study tools are a great and easy way to aid your exam revision. Take a look at our tools in action then start creating your own Mind Maps, Flashcards and other study resources here.


If you’re an ambitious student, you will be searching for the best GCSE revision tips online. At GoConqr, we help you get the most out of GoConqr’s study tools and offer some general study tips and advice to help you revise better and improve your memory.

GCSE Study Resources

To show you how you can use our free online learning tools to study for your GCSE exams, we have created some useful resources based on the GCSE curriculum.

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