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Make The Most With Leaving Cert Flashcards

Cat got your tongue? Tip-of-the-tongue syndrome? It’s happened to all of us. When that word is right on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t get it out! You don’t want to risk getting stuck in that rut during the LC, but with GoConqr’s Leaving Cert Flashcards and other revision tools you won’t.

Flashcards are a simple but reliable way of memorising essential pieces of content, definitions and knowledge from each of your subjects. Browse through our extensive archives of Leaving Cert Flashcards already created by GoConqr users to study for the exam. Our users include teachers and students just like you. When you’re ready, why not try creating some of your own, it’s easy and free!

Click below on the Flashcard deck to see the type of great study tools you can create:

Look good? A bit too easy for you? Maybe missing something you would have added in it? No worries, just make your own and make it as long and challenging as you want. The first step is to sign-up, and from there creating your own Leaving Cert Flashcards on GoConqr is easy. You can personalize your Flashcards, add images and even track your study progress to make sure you’re ready for the LC. Then share and collaborate with your friends and discover the benefits of studying with GoConqr, together!

Take a look at just some of the great Leaving Cert Flashcards that some of our users have already created:

From scientific theories and maths formulas, to Shakespeare quotes and Spanish verbs, Flashcards are an efficient and effective way of learning those important need-to-know details. When you’re done, why not go that extra step and test yourself with our Quizzes Tool? With GoConqr you’ll have all the resources you need to get you through the LC, all for free and all in one convenient place.

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