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Achieve Success With MCAT Tools

If you’re planning on writing your MCAT in the near future you’re probably feeling all sorts of things; anxiety, stress, exhaustion, frustration. Don’t worry there’s still hope! Ask any med student who’s taken the MCAT and they will tell you that the key to doing well on the MCAT is figuring out what study MCAT tools work for you. Mind Maps are one of the best study MCAT tools because they force you to learn in a more dynamic and active way, which will reinforce the content and help you better retain information. Start using and creating Mind Maps with GoConqr; it’s easy, free and will ensure your MCAT success.

Needing to review some anatomy for the MCAT? Click below and start studying with this Mind Map:

Start Studying With MCAT Mind Maps

The theory behind the success of using Mind Maps is that it works with the way our brains naturally function, that is in clusters, grouping concepts and ideas, rather than linearly. They help our brains visualize and connect information, working in a more active way so that we better remember information, which is vital when it comes to studying for the MCAT. Click on any of the links below and see how others users are  using online Mind Maps to prepare for the MCAT:

There’s no perfect formula for preparing for a big exam like the MCAT, but there are some highly effective MCAT tools and strategies that we, GoConqr, can offer you so that you stay on the right track.

GoConqr’s Free Online Mind Map Study MCAT Tools

GoConqr brings together all the benefits of using Mind Maps, into one easy-to-use online MCAT tools. Our online learning platform allows all of our users to easily collaborate with friends and peers, sharing study notes and resources. GoConqr also allows for versatility with all of our MCAT tools being accessible even while on-the-go through your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

MCAT Mind MapsGoConqr allows you to customize your Mind Maps to suit your study needs by even adding study notes and images. Colour coordinate and move the nodes in whatever way suits you so you can get yourself, and your thoughts, organized and make the most out of your study time. Figure out where you need more practice by going through your Mind Map and tracking what you know, then see how you’ve improved since the last time.

GoConqr lets you create, share and discover a large library of not only Mind Maps, but also Flashcards, Slides, Quizzes and Notes, all created to help you get the MCAT score you want. Make sure to also check out our full MCAT Prep Guide for more tips, tricks and resources before the big test day. There’s nothing to lose, so sign-up today for free and start achieving your study goals with GoConqr.

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