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Online Learning Tools for UK Tutors

Online learning tools are being integrated into school and university work more and more in recent years since teachers, uk tutors and students are discovering the benefits of education technology. The majority of students who use online learning tools to prepare for their exams have seen an improvement on their grades.

Uk Tutors who teach GCSE, A-level and university subjects have seen breakthroughs with their students after introducing online learning tools into their lesson plan. The question upon acknowledging this new way to teach and support learning is what drives this success?

Online learning tools:

  • Use effective learning methods to improve memory
  • Are easy-to-use & accessible from anywhere
  • Provide an enjoyable learning format for students
  • Help reduce exam stress and worry
  • Make it easier to organise study notes

At ExamTime, our highly acclaimed online learning tools include Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Notes, a Revision Timetable tool plus communication and search features. You can easily share your study resources with the students you teach which is ideal for both students and uk tutors.

online learning tools for UK tutorsExamTime was introduced in 2012 as an alternative to using software made for corporate purposes in the classroom. Our tools quickly became popular with students and teachers from primary to university level. Since GoConqr was released, our tools have spread around the world and our platform is now available in over 140 countries in Spanish, German, Portuguese plus English.

News of our tools has spread among students and teachers but they are not the only ones talking about us. We are excited to announce that we were recently featured on the Learning World programme on euronews demonstrating how we are making waves in online learning.

We have also been mentioned by huge sites including The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Free Technology for Teachers and Lifehacker. Check out what they are saying about us here.

GoConqr is not only a website with useful online learning tools; it also offers a clear method for content creation and collaboration. Our platform encourages students to be co-authors of knowledge and provides FREE access for all users.

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GCSE, A-level & University UK Tutors

Our online learning tools are specifically designed for education purposes. This means that using GoConqr will enhance learning and encourage students to engage with their study material more than traditional methods. We have outlined some advice, tips and resources for GCSE and A-level students to get the most out of our learning platform.

 Tutor Tap

Tutor Tap is an online community which helps students find the best UK Tutors. As an organisation, they ensure that tutoring is inclusive, affordable and accessible to all. Tutor Tap members are using our free online learning tools to collaborate online and enhance the learning experience.

If you’re looking for a help with your revision, check out Tutor Tap’s list of top UK tutors!


At GoConqr, we are always working hard to give you the education platform you want. We are continuously listening to advice from teachers, tutors and students from all over the world on how to improve our tools. As a result of this, we have received positive feedback from users who love the work we are doing. Take a look at some of the comments below:

“Using GoConqr’s Mind Map facility, I can condense a lot of info in a colourful and useful way! I am studying Chemistry and GoConqr suits me perfectly”
Loretta Jones, Student, UK

online learning tools for tutors“My Pupils love using GoConqr because it’s intuitive and easy-to-use. They’ve been so impressed by the site so far especially the Mind Maps tool.”
Katie Douglass, Teacher, UK

“GoConqr proved inspirational for my students – sparks of possibilities could fly from their thinking to a visual plan. Give it a go, it’s really good & easy to use!”
Kevin Palmer, Teacher, UK

“Seeing my 15 year old son picking up ideas because he is using GoConqr – it’s almost as if a light has come on to the way he learns and revises.”
Craig McKinlay, Parent, UK

“You are now my students’ favourite website! According to my Year 12s, GoConqr is ‘Facebook for exams’ – praise indeed.”
Tom Lea, Teacher, UK

“GoConqr is amazing and it is free! I would recommend it to every student. I wish I had found them before, thank you GoConqr!”
Imra Hanif, Student UK

“I recently found GoConqr and must say it is the best revision website I’ve used! I wish I knew about GoConqr sooner – I love it and think it is absolutely fantastic!”
Joodie Goodacre, Student, UK

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