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Online Learning Tools for Tutors

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Online Learning Tools for Tutors

Online learning tools for tutors are always a hot topic in both school work and standardized test study methods, and they are showing very positive results. The majority of students who use online learning tools see success in test scores and grade reports. Many tutors of everything from SAT test prep to elementary school reading have had great breakthroughs with their students after showing them online learning tools. So, what drives this success? Well, online learning tools for tutors are…

learning tools for tutors

  • Effective methods for memorizing
  • Easy-to-use
  • Enjoyable for students
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Helpful for reducing stress
  • Organized

Here at GoConqr we have highly acclaimed online study tools, including Study Planner, Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes, and Quizzes. And, you can easily share your resources across the website from user to user, which is ideal for both students and tutors. was released in English in 2012 and quickly became very popular with students from elementary to university level. Our learning tools, created by an entrepreneur in the field of software for education, has even spread around the world. In addition to our original locations of Ireland, the United States and the United Kingdom, GoConqr is now available in Spanish, German and Portuguese in over 140 countries. Did we mention we also have a mobile app that really compliments the website?

GoConqr is not just a website with various online learning tools for tutors; it offers a clear method for creating and sharing your work. The platform encourages its users to be co-authors of knowledge and provides FREE access for users. Try one of our Quizzes below:

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Standardized Testing

Online learning tools for tutors are especially useful for standardized test prep due to the wide range of topics and straightforward nature of the material. Here at GoConqr we have collected many useful tips, tools, and resources to get students, teachers, and tutors started on whatever learning tools they need for standardized exam prep. Take a look at our pages below for some ideas on how you can use GoConqr in your area:



At GoConqr, we take pride in the quality of our product. We have received a great deal of positive feedback about our online learning tools for tutors and students who use GoConqr. Take a look at our testimonials below:

  • This is a great tool for teachers and students! I stumbled upon this while searching for a way to get my kids to create (I teach middle school) mind maps for our unit on living things. I was going to do this with paper and pen but this tool is so much more interesting and easy! Thanks for creating it.” – Middle School Teacher at Midtown Science School, US
  • You guys are really doing a great job. There are good improvements from time to time at exam time and appreciate your efforts. Your service is free & I cannot ask for more.” – Student, India
  • learning-tools testimonialsDebbie Vogel – 6th Grade Teacher at Bedford Public School has her class learning with our Mind Maps (see photo on right).
  • I want to start off by saying what a great website this is, very professional and fresh. I just used your GoConqr quiz tool, really love the design of it. I choose GoConqr over other quiz makers because you offer the ability to type in an explanation for the answer. I love that.” –Student, UK
  • Just a quick note to congratulate you on exam time mind map which both my students and indeed myself are finding very useful” –Teacher at Bayside School, Gibraltar
  •  “I’m really enjoying using this online resource. I’ve had trouble with learning medical facts, and I find the “note” software is perfect for me to make notes; allowing me to put in images etc.” –Student, US 
  •  “I am an elementary music teacher, and I was looking for a site to build “just for fun” quizzes for my students, especially since it’s Music In Our Schools Month. I was super excited to find GoConqr (since it’s free, you can use more than one question format, AND you can upload images!) and I set up a quiz for my students.” –Teacher at Pulaski Schools, US

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