Psychology and the MCAT

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Psychology and the MCAT

Psychology is the study of the mind and its effects on behavior. The new MCAT recognizes that this is an important field for any aspiring doctor and more than 16% of the test examines psychological concepts and processes. The AAMC has divided psychology material into 4 “foundational concepts” (FC) that you need to know, which are further divided into “content categories” (CC). The Mind Map below shows you how these are broken down. When you join GoConqr for free you can click through each FC to see a comprehensive breakdown of the CCs and links to relevant resources for the associated concepts.

This includes Notes and Slides to help you learn, Mind Maps to organize your thoughts, and Flashcards to help you revise so that you can maximize your MCAT score. You can also create your own resources such as sample questions and practice quizzes.

Check out the Mind Map below to see what you need to know to do well in psychology for the MCAT, and join GoConqr to create and discover more resources for your MCAT preparation.

Psychology and the MCAT Mind Map

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