Sociology and the MCAT

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Sociology and the MCAT

Sociology is study of human behavior and institutions. Since the changes to the MCAT in 2015, it is essential that you understand the fundamentals of sociology in order to succeed in the exam. Many students who are thinking about Medical School will try to take an introductory sociology course in college. But maybe you weren’t thinking about being a doctor when you were in college, or maybe you had too many other requirements to squeeze in a sociology class. Don’t panic!

Lots of GoConqr users study or teach sociology. They have created Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes and Slides that you can use to get up to speed with sociology for the MCAT. We have made a Mind Map which lays out the sociology curriculum for the MCAT, as specified by the AAMC. When you sign up to GoConqr for free you can click through the nodes to find wonderful resources on sociology that our users have created. We have Mind Maps on feminist theory, Notes on stigma, Flashcards on the self, and so much more. You can create sample MCAT questions and practice tests to help you maximize your MCAT score.

Check out the Mind Map below to see what you need to know to do well in sociology for the MCAT, and join GoConqr to create and discover more resources for your MCAT preparation.

Sociology for the MCAT Mind Map

To access hundreds more user-created resources like the one above, and to start making resources of your own, sign up to GoConqr now for free!

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