The Spaced-repetition Learning Concept

Find out how to improve the effectiveness of your learning with this popular study technique

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What is Spaced-repetition?

Spaced-repetition is a learning concept which is proven to embed knowledge in the long-term memory. The idea involves spacing learning events apart by regularly reviewing material rather than cramming information into the brain in one study session. For example, a student could start learning about the anatomy of the heart and then review what they have studied after two days, then again in one week and so on to ensure full assimilation of the knowledge.

Flashcards can be used to integrate this technique into the spaced-repetition study routine as you can quickly review theory and only include material you don’t know to save time. A University of California psychology study discovered that spacing using flashcards is more effective than cramming with 90% of participants performing better in exams using this method.

You can’t deny it, that’s a huge stat!

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Benefits of Spaced-repetition

Implementing the theory of spaced-repetition optimises the learning process by helping you to retain information better over a longer time period. Many studies have been carried out proclaiming the effectiveness of this learning method but the true measure is difficult to quantify. However, the studies have highlighted some of key reasons to use spaced-repetition.

Here are some key advantages to using this method of learning:

  • Active recall is far superior
  • Learning is retained over the long-term
  • More effective learning method
  • Helps prolong the forgetting curve

If spaced-repetition was easy to do, surely all students would do it? Here’s the catch! Most students make excuses and cram at the last minute which is not an effective learning method. However, the benefits of putting the effort into spaced-repetition method far outweigh the negatives.

Spaced-repetition: Improving Memory with GoConqr Flashcards

Online Flashcards are recommended as a tool students can base this valuable learning technique on. Flicking through a flashcard deck is quick and easy which means that you can regularly review your cards to refresh your memory and deepen the knowledge in your brain. Alongside spaced-repetition, flashcards also engage your brain in active recall as it encourages you to think of the answer on the back of each card you are faced with.

The GoConqr Flashcard tool is ideal for putting spaced-repetition theory into practice. After you’ve created your flashcard deck on a particular topic, you can use the Calendar to create events to remind you to review your deck at gradually increased intervals. After each review, you can use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons to signify which cards you know and which ones you don’t know. This means that you can save time by only reviewing the terms you didn’t actively recall.

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