Improve Your Study Skills for A-Levels with Online Mind Maps

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Mind Maps for A-level Revision

Our Mind Map tool allows you to revise better by connecting ideas.

Study Skills for A-Levels

Improve your study skills for a-levels with our easy-to-use Mind Map tool.

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Improve Your Study Skills for A-Levels with Online Mind Maps

If you are sitting your A-levels this year, you may be feeling a range of emotions; stress, anxiety, tiredness, anxiety and frustration. Ask any student who has taken A-level exams and they will tell you that the key to successful exam results is building a good set of study skills. Integrating better strategies into your routine will help you learn in a more effective and efficient way, build better focus and improve your knowledge retention. Not only this, if you develop a good set of study skills for a-levels now, you can rely on these fundamental skills no matter what you are learning in the future.

GoConqr is an online learning platform designed to help students achieve the exam results they want. We have created online learning tools such as Mind Maps, Flashcards, Slides, Online Quizzes and Study Notes based on proven learning techniques so you can easily revise for you’re A-levels online.

If you dread studying for your exams, try using GoConqr to boost your motivation and build a sustainable set of study skills for a-levels. Take a look at our Ultimate study Guide for A-levels to help you understand how you can use GoConqr to improve your revision and get the exam results you want.

See an example of an interactive Mind Map below which provides an overview of some of the key A-level Psychology topics:

Benefits of Using Mind Maps to Study

Mind Maps are especially useful for A-level students as they can be used to reinforce the theory and knowledge you absorbed while studying for your GCSE exams. Using Mind Maps to study is one of the best ways to remember information, it also gives you the space and capture your thoughts in visual form and unleash your creativity.

Mind Maps can improve your study skills for A-levels by helping you to: 

  • Connect ideas and make associations between different topics and subjects
  • Create a broad overview of you’re A-level subject curriculum
  • Recall information easier by using keywords
  • Plan your projects or revision with a visual study aid

The theory behind Mind Mapping explains how our brain’s capacity to learn and memorise information is enhanced through the visual association of ideas. This is an effective way to improve your study skills for A A-levelS.

Try our free Online Mind Map tool here.

GoConqr’s Free Online Mind Mapping Tool

Mind Maps for A-level RevisionGoConqr brings all these benefits together in one easy-to-use Mind Map tool. As it is an online study place, you can easily collaborate with your friends to work on projects and share study notes. Our tool is versatile and gives you the freedom to express your ideas and thoughts as they occur, plus you can access you’re A-level study notes at any time, on any device.

Make studying more efficient and exciting with new features such as Play Mode and Note Generation plus bring your Mind Map to life with a range of visual options. Don’t forget to add extra information with snippets and by attaching other GoConqr study aids!

GoConqr is a free online learning platform where you can create, share and discover a large library of Mind Maps plus Flashcards, Slides, Quizzes and Notes. Looking for more A-level revision tips? Check out our Ultimate Study Guide for A-levels for more advice and resources!

Your A-levels are the link between you and university so make sure you use the best tools to help you get there. Start improving your study strategies with GoConqr here:

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