A Smarter Way to Present & Track Learning Material

GoConqr SmartEmbeds provides a quick and easy way to publish interactive learning content on your website.

The Ideal way to Develop and Present Courses & Quizzes for...

Full Course Delivery

An easy way to publish interactive courses on your own site

Competency Testing

Identify strengths and weaknesses before a program

Testing Individual Knowledge

Incorporate tests alongside website material

Lead Generation

Capture lead information through interactive quizzes

A Smarter Way to Present Knowledge

GoConqr SmartEmbeds transforms your website or blog into an interactive learning site.

SmartEmbeds allow you to publish engaging content on your site, and track user progress. The user benefits from interactive material whilst you increase your understanding of the audience level of knowledge.

With simple pricing plans, SmartEmbeds is a flexible solution that always keeps you in control of cost.

The SmartEmbeds tool is included within the offering of our Premium + plan.

Solutions to Improve your Delivery

GoConqr, the award winning learning platform, has a range of tools that allow you to easily create and publish learning material on your site with reporting.

Create a course using the GoConqr Courses Tool. Include resources created from our range of learning apps and include pdf’s and videos. Or simply use the Quiz tool to test the knowledge of your employees, clients or students.

Then with one click of a button you create an embed code which allows you to publish the course or quiz on your website.

For pricing info and to get SmartEmbeds today, plans page.

Teach Smarter, Learn More

SmartEmbeds allows you to present your material and learn more about your website visitors:

Determine a visitor’s current level of knowledge by presenting quizzes and tests and capturing their scores. Perfect for pre-course assessment.

Publish full Courses to staff, clients or students via your website with SmartLinks. Track user engagement and learning progress as they complete the Courses.

Use the data capture for lead generation for your offering. Engage your audience with quizzes to test their knowledge and capture email addresses to create a relationship.

For pricing info and to get SmartEmbeds today, plans page.

Publish & Control

SmartEmbeds are helping GoConqr members across the globe improve knowledge distribution and progress tracking.

• Wide variety of learning tools available – courses, multi-faceted quizzes and more

• Multiple data capture options allow you to learn more about your visitors

• Report on course and test scores, time of access, and number of attempts

• Simple embed generation means content is added to your site in seconds

• Control over cost – fixed monthly cost with cancellation at anytime

Whether you are looking to pre-screen candidates, provide ongoing testing for compliance, or just looking for a way to publish your learning material more efficiently, GoConqr SmartEmbeds is the solution for you.

For pricing info and to get SmartEmbeds today, plans page.

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