A Smarter Way to Distribute Content & Assess Performance

GoConqr SmartLinks provide a quick and easy way to establish audience knowledge and learning outcomes.

The Ideal way to Create and Send Courses & Quizzes for...

Testing Company Knowledge

Ensure that staff have the expected level of knowledge

Competency Testing

Identify strengths and weaknesses before a program

Course Knowledge Tracking

An easy way to distribute course reviews and tests

Candidate Pre-Screening

Refine your search by identifying the right candidates upfront

A Smarter Way to Knowledge Share

GoConqr SmartLinks is the easy way to create, distribute and report on learning content.

SmartLinks allow you to send learning courses, tests or quizzes to an audience and let them instantly access the material, no login or signup required. And you get instant access to performance statistics to see how they score.

SmartLinks is a flexible solution that always keeps you in control of cost.

A Solution Developed for Learning

GoConqr, the award winning learning platform, has a range of tools that allow you to easily create and send learning material to a wide audience and get the results in one report.

The GoConqr Courses Tool has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a learning topic. Create a variety of resources using our Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes, Slides or Flowcharts tools. Use external material such as videos or pdf documents. Or simply use the Quiz tool to test the knowledge of your employees or candidates.

For pricing info and to get SmartLinks today, you can visit our plans page.

You are Always in Control

SmartLinks is ideal for sending content to your audience on a once-off or recurring basis. By paying for each link when you send it, you only pay for what you use. Plus, our manage lists functions makes it easy to send to the same audience again and again.

Understand 5 ways GoConqr SmartLinks is helping members improve knowledge distribution and progress tracking.

• Wide variety of learning tools available – courses, multi-faceted quizzes and more

• Control over cost – fixed monthly fee with cancellation at any time

• Report on course and test scores, time of access, and number of attempts

• Save share lists for repeat sending

Send Links Privately & Securely

Sending links and recording results is managed through GoConqr Premium+ plan.
. By signing up to Premium+, you can send courses and quizzes via an email, as unique links. These links capture the users' data and record scores against the email address. Links are private and secure. The recipients do not need to be members of GoConqr to access to the material instantly.

Whether you are looking to pre-screen candidates, provide ongoing testing for compliance, or just looking for a way to distribute your learning material more efficiently, GoConqr SmartLinks is the solution for you.

For pricing info and to get SmartLinks today, plans page .

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