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The GoConqr test maker is a simple and effective way to create tests and quizzes for your target audience.

The Ideal way to Create and Send Tests for...

Candidate Pre-Screening

Refine your search by identifying the right candidates upfront

Test Employee Expertise

Ensure that staff have the expected level of knowledge

Competency Testing

Identify strengths and weaknesses before a program

Course Evaluation and Tracking

An easy way to distribute course reviews and tests

A Smarter Way of Assessing your Audience

Online tests are a great way of gauging an initial level of knowledge or expertise from a group of individuals. From candidate pre-selection in a recruitment scenario, grading a group before they start a program or just testing comprehension level after taking a course, tests work as an ideal method of understanding more about a target group. GoConqr, the award winning learning platform, has a Test Maker that allows you to easily create and send tests to a wide audience and get the results in one report.

Send Test Links Privately and Securely

GoConqr members can easily create engaging quizzes to distribute either on the platform or externally. The GoConqr Testing Tool has been specifically designed to help you test knowledge. We suggest using our Notes, Mind Maps and Slides to present a topic or subject and then creating a Test to test the knowledge of your employees or candidates. Sending links and recording results is possible through GoConqr Smart Links. This allows you to share externally in a secure manner. Recipients can access the test instantly via an email link, no login or sign up required. And you get instant access to the test results.

You are Always in Control

The GoConqr Test maker is being used by hundreds of thousands of members worldwide, including teachers in educational institutions, and training and development professionals in corporate and non-profit environments. Here are 4 ways GoConqr test maker is helping these members to improve knowledge capture. • Wide variety of test types available - multiple choice, true /false, fill in the blanks, image quizzes • Limit user test attempts to a set number • Report on test scores, time of access, and number of attempts through Smart Links • Save share lists for repeat sending

A Solution Developed for Learning

Whether you are looking to pre-screen candidates in graduate or job recruitment, provide ongoing testing for compliance, or just looking for a way to distribute your learning material more efficiently, GoConqr test maker can help. Simply get in touch with us today to learn how you can create and send tests quickly.

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