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Online Resources for Professionals

Learn about GoConqr’s online resources for professionals and how to use them to increase the productivity of your employees, improve staff selection processes and encourage brainstorming.

Why should you use online resources for professionals?

Managing a business and a workforce is an extremely complex task, so you should be surrounded by the best online resources for professionals to coordinate work processes, increase your employees’ productivity and make decisions more effectively. You can find a large number of online tools, so it’s important to know which are more appropriate to help you grow as a professional and improve the performance of your company’s workers. At GoConqr we have a series of resources suitable for the different types of situations that you have to face in the labour market, as explained in the following points.

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Brainstorming with your team is fundamental for the positive and regular evolution of a business or a new project as an entrepreneur. Encouraging the participation of different employees creates a collaborative environment and encourages the workers to have a more active involvement in the business. With GoConqr’s flowcharts you can visualize your ideas in an attractive and enlightening way, so that you can connect them with greater precision and increase productivity. The main objective of this tool is to illustrate processes to maximize the creativity of the employees and to give cohesion to different business ideas.

Staff selection

Choosing the members that will compose your team is one of the most important steps, since they will be in charge of doing the daily work, implementing the ideas you have and providing new perspectives to your project. Therefore, staff selection should be as efficient and productive as possible. With GoConqr’s Smart Links you can share the quizzes and courses you create securely and privately through email, so that the recipients can have direct access and you have instant access to their results. It’s a perfect way to evaluate your candidates and perform a first screening quickly and effectively.

Team Meetings

With GoConqr online courses you can include the different resources in the same place to visually capture the key points you want to address in team meetings. In this way, when you get together with your colleagues to talk about some ideas, the presentation will be more dynamic, entertaining and understandable for everyone. In addition, with the latest update of GoConqr you can insert media elements, such as videos or audios, to give the presentation a higher quality and make your speech more clear for your business partners.