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Millions of members worldwide love how GoConqr improves learning. GoConqr provides learning tools and a social platform, helping you to empower your staff and to focus on developing your talent in an engaging and proactive way.

What our members are saying

  • “The complete suite of applications on offer are individually brilliant and collectively make up a considerable armour of resources. It is a brilliant educational resource truly fit for the 21st century.”

    Jack Buckley, HR Manager, Twenty20

  • "Put simply, this is a great site for anyone wishing to develop their understanding of a topic. Everything you need is here and you can even go as far as to share your knowledge with others too! It definitely gets my recommendation!"

    Kerry Lake, Program Manager, HKL Ltd

  • "It's helping us learn in a new and efficient way. All the different tools are really interesting, especially Courses. They offer a range of great opportunities for learning."

    Juan Esparza, Commercial & Marketing Director, Fonicias

Talent Development

A full range of learning applications on a social platform that encourages interaction

Empower your staff engagement

Easily create and share engaging courses to track learning progress, upskill and inspire talent

Knowledge Share

GoConqr Groups allow to empower your staff and to connect in a meaningful way, learning from each other



Creating, discovering and sharing a range of learning resources covering countless topics.



Created on our crowd-sourced community library by learners and educators.



From Boston to Brisbane and beyond, users worldwide love GoConqr.