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Create Your Company’s Learning Environment

With GoConqr Campus you can access all of GoConqr’s features in a customised space controlled by you to boost your company’s results.

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HR Talent Development & Training

Apply and monitor your Training & Development plan. Encourage Group collaboration and generate individual performance Reports.

Sales Teams

Get easy access to materials when needed. Stimulate discussions for greater collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Synergy Projects

Gather important information in one secure environment. Guarantee an effective communication flow between teams.

Small and Medium Businesses

Build your own resources library for Information Management. Structure your process management.

All the information your employees need with just one click

From sales training to policy reviews, GoConqr Campus makes it easy for you to distribute content to your contributors in Private Groups so they can connect, collaborate and engage in a controlled environment. Share content within teams, create material for employee onboarding. Create engaging discussions and brainstorming sessions for increased creativity and productivity.

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Performance Reports

Get a general performance overview by analysing average Group scores and total attempts, or get a more detailed insight by accessing individual user and resource reports.

Private or share, it’s up to you

Want to share training material to a business partner or associate? Campus lets you share information with non-members through exclusive Private Links which allow them to access your material without entering your Campus environment.

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