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Mind Maps for Businesses

Learning By Doing

The world doesn’t stand still. Neither should your students.

Students who are immersed in education are more likely to achieve their goals. That’s why GoConqr’s technology has been designed to make learning a more active experience – one that’s focused on increasing student engagement, attentiveness, and knowledge retention.

  • More interest means more engagement
    Create media-rich active learning methodology materials with more visual appeal. Easily embed links, images, video and audio files into your resources for maximum student engagement.
  • Content for users, by users
    Access a virtual library of over 3 million user-created educational resources, including Mind Maps, Flashcards, Slide Decks, Notes and Quizzes.
  • Learning made personal
    Use our dynamic ‘Suggested for you’ feature to receive active learning methodology content that’s suited to each user’s unique needs.
  • Gain insights, take actions, get results
    Avail of real-time analytics for greater insights into your students’ individual needs and adjust your lesson plans to suit.

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GoConqr’s web-based platform lets you connect with millions of teachers, students and professionals from around the world who are all creating, personalising and sharing fantastic resources in every subject imaginable.

That means more ideas, more educational methodologies, better engagement and a wider array of active learning methodology opportunities to explore. Some think of it as a classroom without walls. We like to think of it as a community.

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