Blended Learning Methodology

Find out how GoConqr can help educators apply Blended Learning Methodology and add inventive new online components to their teaching practice.

What is Blended Learning Methodology?

blended learning methodology is a formal education program in which a student learns, at least in part, through the online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace.

However, the fact that it is already in place in most institutions doesn’t mean that it has been implemented as effectively as it might. In many cases students aren’t maximising the benefits of online content because of a lack of direction. This can limit the effectiveness of blended learning methodology considerably.

Teachers who have successfully implemented blended learning methodology into their classroom point to interaction as the main factor of their success. This is the main focus of GoConqr, which has developed a number of functions and tools that encourages active learning and offers students more control over their learning process.

According to Kevin Palmer, a teacher and GoConqr user, “GoConqr proved inspirational for my students – sparks of possibilities could fly from their thinking to a visual plan.”

Another user, Norma Beatriz, an Argentinian teacher, believes that GoConqr “offers several ways to organize, explain a topic and, above all, assess what’s learned.”

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A Blended-Learning Dynamic

The image below illustrates the different phases that make up a common blended-learning process:

Blended Learning GoConqr

As we can see, phases 1 and 5 are conducted in an offline environment. However, phases 2, 3 and 4 focus on online activity. Let’s look at them in greater depth and see how GoConqr fits the bill:

Phase 2: Independent Practice

If all the user-generated resources available in GoConqr were paintings, we would need 685 Louvre museums to display all of them. Once the teacher has introduced a topic, this huge amount of free educational material gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge. As a result, a simple search on GoConqr can unlock a wealth of Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes and Quizzes about any particular topic.

For instance, let’s say the class topic is about the Earth’s crust. In this phase, students might want to explore deforestation further or maybe create a few resources about agricultural practices. In essence, their learning is driven by their interest and, in turn, their interest is catered for by the vast amount of free resources that are available to them.

Phase 3: Assess

GoConqr Study Groups are private environments where teachers can communicate with their students as well as conduct frequent assessments.

Group Analytics compiles detailed data regarding students’ progress over time, including individual results in quizzes as well as averages (per student and per quiz), highest results, number of attempts, and more.

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Phase 4: Intervene

Once we analyze the results from the previous phase, we will be able to identify the areas in which students are performing well in addition to those areas in which there is room for improvement. Using this information, teachers can intervene and re-focus students’ efforts.

Going back to the previous example, users could share study resources about landforms with one group and resources about soil erosion with another.

Key Learning Points

A set of case studies on blended learning methodology by Michael & Susan Dell Foundation in a number of schools across California, found:

  1. Online learning is one enabling element in individualized learning
  2. Cloud-based infrastructure greatly simplifies management of a Learning Lab
  3. Available software is still limited, especially with respect to data reporting

GoConqr emphasizes each of those 3 aspects, thus ensuring that blended learning methodology can be implemented successfully in any classroom.

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