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Revision Timetable

Easily put together an effective Revision Timetable to help organise your time and get more from your studies.

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Plan For Success

Create a revision timetable and achieve your study goals.

Ask any teacher what the most important thing needed to do well in an exam is and the majority will say a good revision timetable. Thankfully, if you have a workable revision timetable that ensures you cover your curriculum then you can’t really go wrong. Without it, however, it’ll be hard to succeed.

Like any challenge, you need a plan to successfully navigate through the potential pitfalls and obstacles. Having a revision plan in place or using a revision planner keeps you motivated and focused, which is a major benefit considering the grueling curricula of the modern educational system. Without a plan, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or to over-analyse to the point of paralysis. The solution is to take action, devise a realistic and workable revision timetable, and – most important of all – stick to it!

Create Your Revision Timetable

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Stay organised, wherever you are.

By creating a good revision plan you can take control of your study and measure your success on a daily basis. You can keep track of how much time you’re spending on each topic and tick them off accordingly. This gives you tremendous peace of mind.

Have you ever had a project or exam date looming over you when you’re hanging out with your friends? If you don’t have a revision timetable you’ll likely experience this feeling more often. But why let it be this way when you can take action and create your a revision plan using GoConqr! You can then rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit and getting there, slowly but surely.

On the GoConqr learning platform we have the tools you need to help create an effective revision timetable. Since GoConqr is a cloud-based service, you’ll be able to access it anywhere so you can stay in touch with what needs to be studied. And remember, we’re here to help so check back regularly to get great study tips and advice!

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