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GoConqr offers you the best tools to do ongoing assessment in the classroom to your students and monitor their progress over time.

How do you know if your students are learning what you are trying to teach them? globo

Regardless of the didactic methodology that you use in, ongoing assessment in the classroom is one of the key aspects that you must consider. Although teachers have multiple assessment tools at their disposal, the reality is that standardized tests continue to play a central role in any ongoing assessment in the classroom, since they allow the teacher to engage in continual and evaluation.

As part of its toolkit, GoConqr includes a Quiz maker, which features:

9 types of questions

• Include images up to 1MB

Weighting of questions

Limitation by time (by questions and/or in total)

• Limiting attempts

• Ability for students to monitor their progress over time.

However, the most useful feature when using GoConqr’s quiz maker as a frequent assessment methodology tool is undoubtedly the Reports. With them, it is possible to monitor the individual results of the students in the tests they perform to keep track of their progress over time. The reports also gives you access to other interesting information such as average scores, best results, number of attempts, resources viewed and a question-by-question breakdown of quiz results.

This feature is part of our GoConqr Campus plan that includes this and other unique features for educational institutions that want to create an engaging digital learning experience for their students.

The Importance of Ongoing Assessment in the Classroom

Imagine leaping out of a plane to experience an exhilarating skydive. As you freefall through the sky, crisp, cool air rushes past while you enjoy the view below. Then, upon dropping to the appropriate elevation, it is time to deploy the parachute. When you do, the parachute opens too quickly and snaps several cords; a whole new shot of adrenaline screams through your body from the sight. Now, the reserve parachute is the only link between life and death. However, it flies out in a terrifying tangle. As you scramble to repair the problem, the number of feet on the altimeter plummets: 800…525…200…100…25…thud! You are dead.

This experience can be compared to enrolling in a course where there are only a midterm and a final. If a student fails or does poorly on the midterm, then an outstanding performance on the final exam is his or her only chance of passing (or surviving) the class. There is little or no ability to check and improve studying habits or to check if expectations are met or not. Instead, anxiety, distress, procrastination, and a lot of cramming takes place. This is why students need more classroom tests.”

The text above, originally written by Professor Carole Schylet of Southern Utah University in the United States, summarizes the importance of ongoing assessment in the classroom.

In fact, numerous psychologists and academic experts have investigated the benefits of frequent. Thus, frequent use of assessment tools motivates students to:

  • Study more and more frequently (Apiwan D. Born – University of Illinois).
  • Obtain better results in the final exams (Study conducted by Mark A. McDaniel, Janis L. Anderson, Mary H. Derbish and Nova Morrisette).
  • Reduce Their Stress Levels (Researchers at the University of Vermont).
  • Retain information longer (Article written by psychologists Henry L. Roediger III, Adam L. Putnam and Megan A. Smith).

Combination of Frequent Assessment Methodology Tools

Although tests are the best way to implement ongoing assessment in the classroom, this does not mean that our assessment tools should be limited to them.

The best strategy to maximize the actual learning students is to use a combination of assessment instruments (individual work, attendance control, group presentations, class participation, etc.) and other educational methodologies.

To support this comprehensive assessment, GoConqr also includes self-assessment functions in the Flashcards and follow-up in Mind Maps. Resources can also be combined in Courses for a holistic learning experience.

At GoConqr, we make it easy to create and distribute engaging learning content. If you have any questions about how to improve staff screening or are interested in some of the tools we have mentioned, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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