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Rapid Learning with GoConqr

With the different online tools of GoConqr you can improve the experience of rapid learning and enrich the study process of your students.

What is rapid learning?

The rapid learning methodology promotes intensive learning through courses and online activities over a short period of time. These courses usually have a maximum duration of between 15 and 20 minutes and include different types of resources to encourage student participation. Its main objective is to give students the possibility to learn the lessons from home and increase their productivity when studying. With the combination of textual and visual elements, rapid learning courses allow students to quickly learn and review a lesson without the need of direct teacher supervision.

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Using GoConqr for rapid learning courses

With GoConqr you can easily and quickly create online courses for a more productive and intensive learning experience. This tool allows you to control the length of time that a course is available for, and with a Premium account, you can limit who can access the course and how often they can attempt the material. You can create courses of approximately 20 minutes so that the students experience rapid learning as completely and effectively as possible. It doesn’t matter what subject you teach, since with GoConqr online courses you can include any type of content.

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Resources you can add to courses

Sor that your students have a successful learning experience, it is advisable to include a variety of online educational activities in your online courses. This way you can enrich the lesson and enhance the acquisition of knowledge of your students. In GoConqr we have several online tools that can be applied to the  rapid learning methodology.

• Mind maps: you can include this resource to structure the lessons in a visually appealing way and help students connect the different learning concepts. With GoConqr’s mind map you can put all the study material in context with a single image, so it is an element that can add value in rapid learning and other educational methodologies.

• Quizzes: this online tool allows students to improve their study planning and monitor their progress and learning level. By including tests in online courses, you make the learning process more dynamic and interactive, allowing students to actively participate and independently assess their knowledge.

• Flashcards: in any subject there are more complicated and dense parts, so including GoConqr online flashcards helps students to memorize the most difficult concepts to understand. Due to its attractive visual element and the combination of text and images, it is easier to look at the small details and retain the key data of the study material. Allowing students to hide the flashcards they already know, means that they can engage in even more rapid review and revision.

Tips for applying rapid learning

The best way to apply this methodology will vary according to the subject you deal with and the amount of  material you want to include. However, here are some general tips for using rapid learning as effectively and productively as possible:

• Do not include too many subjects: the main objective of this methodology is to learn intensely in a short period of time, so including too much information can have a counterproductive effect and saturate the student. It is therefore essential to find a balance so that the learning process is not too overwhelming and cumbersome.

• Highlight the key points: having a short time to review the lesson, it is important that the online course clearly outlines the key points that the student should learn. Otherwise, the student will not have an adequate conception of the most important parts of the lesson and may end up being confused, which would have a negative effect on their academic performance. GoConqr Courses allow you to add context to resources to ensure that students are clear on what to focus on.

• Be visual and creative: the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is a great truth, and that means that images are even more valuable in a rapid learning environment. Being creative with the structure of each section and using carefully selected images, will have a greater impact on students capacity to understand the study concepts. That’s why it is convenient to include visual resources such as mind maps or flashcards.

You can track your students’ performance on Courses through GoConqr Campus – easily monitor their progress and reward successful completion with Certificates which they can display on their profile. Alternatively, you can share rapid learning course material with students who are not GoConqr members through our Smart Links feature.