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Visual Learning Style

On GoConqr you can find all the free tools you need to implement the visual learning style in the classroom and enrich your lessons. In this page we explain the key points of this methodology and some tricks to apply it effectively.

What is the visual learning style?

This method uses visual elements to add value to lessons and to attract the attention of the students. With the application of the visual learning style you can organize more clearly the learning concepts to help students connect their ideas and have a better global understanding of the subject. You can introduce a variety of media elements – images, diagrams, videos, etc – to make your classes more dynamic and entertaining, with the aim of making students more interested and likely to actively participate in the acquisition of knowledge.

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Resources for applying visual learning

It is critical that you surround yourself with the right online resources to deliver the most effective and complete classroom learning experience for your students. At GoConqr we recommend that you use the following free tools when implementing this methodology:

Media library: one of our latest novelties is the media library, which allows any user to upload and download images, videos and audios and embed them into any of their resources. It is a new functionality in GoConqr that greatly facilitates teachers to apply the visual learning style in their classes.

Online courses: With our latest updates, online courses are more interesting and comprehensive than ever. Now you can include all kinds of images and videos to enrich them and be able to create visual presentations that will hook your students.

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Resources to implement visual learning (II)

Mind maps: with this resource you can quickly and easily create diagrams with great visual appeal. With GoConqr’s mind maps you can structure the different concepts that you have to teach so that the students can find the connections between them and have a more developed learning experience.

Flashcards: with the most complex and complicated lessons, visual learning style classroom takes on its full meaning. With GoConqr flashcards that have images included, for example, you can visualize the most complicated concepts to help your students memorize them during the study process.

3 tips for applying visual learning in the classroom

When using visual resources in class, you must consider a series of key points to achieve the full potential of this methodology and help your students have the best academic performance possible. For this reason, we offer a series of tricks so that the visual learning style contributes to enriching your lessons

Relevant videos: through the internet you can find countless videos of all possible topics, so you have to be careful and accurate in the search. When selecting a video to show in class, you must assess its relevancy to the subject you teach and how it can benefit your students. Performing a good selection process is fundamental so that the videos you include add value to the classes. With this activity you’ll be able to give students a greater understanding of things, one of the most important keys of education.

Simpler and clearer outlines: the main objective of an outline is to clarify the student’s ideas, so it is counterproductive to try to include too many concepts in them. The more simple and accessible, the better. If your subject includes many concepts, dates and names, it is better to divide it into several mind maps rather than trying to include them all in one. You can have one overview mind map and add the more specific mind maps as attachments to the nodes in the outline mind map.

Finding a balance: occupying an entire class with visual elements can have a negative effect on the performance of students, since you run the risk of oversaturating them. Therefore, you must find a balance between the introduction of multimedia resources, manual tasks and oral presentation of the subject. As a general rule, avoid linear and repetitive classes, as they cause a certain fatigue and boredom among many students. If you are mixing the introduction of visual resources with your oral explanations, your classes will be more dynamic and interesting for students.

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