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3 New Features that will make Online Notes your Study Hub

Continuing the transformation of our Notes tool that began earlier this year, we’ve added 3 new features for you to try out. These new additions improve the design of your online notes plus boost their usefulness for your study routine.

online notes hub

What’s New?

The new features fall under 3 areas; themes, borders and embedding resources. These first two options will help you design an aesthetically pleasing Note, making it easier for you to review your material. The magic lies in the ability to embed resources inside your Note. This is the secret sauce which will help you turn your GoConqr Note into an online study hub where everything you need to study a topic is in one place.

Here’s how you can get started creating powerful study notes online:

1. Embed/Pop-up Resources

Along with clipping options for inserting text, images and media, you will notice two new additions. You can now add an embed or pop-up resource into your Note. If you have created a bunch of resources such as Mind Maps and Flashcards on the same topic, you can integrate those resources into one single place using Notes.

The pop-up resources are tiles that link to another GoConqr resource. Once you click on a tile, you can view the resource in a pop-up window without exiting the Note. On the other hand, an embedded resource will appear inside the Note itself. In this way, you can have material about a topic and a quiz all in one place. Through this new feature, your notes will become a knowledge hub where you can add multiple resources or even use them as your index.

In the example below, you can see both a pop-up resource and an embedded Quiz near the bottom based on “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Cool, isn’t it? There are countless applications for this new functionality. You can add Flashcards with some words and then a Quiz below it, combine Mind Maps with other Notes and so much more. Just be creative!

2. Themes

When you are creating a study note, you often focus on building a practical piece of information but forget about the visual aspect of the process. Of course, it’s not about winning a design contest but creating a balance between text material and aesthetics will help combat information overload. It can totally make the difference when you have to face your study notes for hours at a time!

Themes introduce pre-designed styles so you can instantly add some colour, see below:

Online Notes - Themes

3. Borders

Add a distinction between snippets in your Note using the new Borders tool. For example, if you have separate sections for the descriptions of each character in a novel, you can add different border styles to distinguish each area. Along with various style options, you can also change the colour and thickness of a border you add. See the options below:

Online Notes - Borders


Here at GoConqr we are constantly listening to your opinions to help us continue improving our tools. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!