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Welcome to GoConqr!

Today we are announcing the global launch of GoConqr, your new online learning platform.

The GoConqr philosophy supports the concept of learning being a lifelong and achievement-oriented process. The purpose of education is not simply to pass tests but to provide an understanding of how to learn which you can carry with you throughout your academic and professional lifespan.

With GoConqr, we developed an innovative way for you to optimise your learning. The platform makes the process of learning first and foremost an active process but also an engaging and enjoyable experience for each and every learner. Whatever your learning challenge is, you can conquer it with our expert help!

Who Are We?

The GoConqr vision is to become the platform of choice for the creation and sharing of digital learning content around the world. We aim to impact the educational world by creating better learning experiences for everyone with our world-class digital tools.

Students and teachers have free access to tools which support proven learning methods such as mind mapping, knowledge testing, social, collaborative and active learning and even student assessment. Learning progress can be tracked from both student and teacher perspective to monitor performance and adjust learning strategy based on these results.

Our Journey

We’ve come a long way since we started with our original platform ExamTime back in 2012. Initially, our tools were only available in English but we have since branched out to reach users who speak Spanish, German, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese in over 140 countries worldwide. These users, whether they are students, teachers, professionals or other, have joined our community with the common purpose to improve their learning.

At this point we want to thank everyone who took the opportunity to become a member of our community. Over one million users have joined, and have created millions of magnificent resources. We are proud to have encouraged and supported your learning!

Hopes for the Future

As we recount our story to date, we also want to tell you about our aspirations for the future. We foresee GoConqr evolving alongside our learning community. In this respect, we will be strongly following elearning trends and developments to fine tune our platform according to the education industry.

Get involved in our learning community by trying out the GoConqr platform for yourself now. Remember, learning is a continuous cycle so don’t focus on one step in the process.

If you believe in the GoConqr philosophy, please share our news with anyone who wants to pursue lifelong learning.

Note: You may have heard of GoConqr by our original name ‘ExamTime’.