5 Tips for Using ExamTime’s Free Online Quiz Maker

ExamTime’s free online quiz maker is a fantastic resource for anyone studying or preparing for exams. While our online quiz maker is super easy-to-use, we have insider knowledge which will make sure you can get the most out of it!

The tips below will help you create the best online quiz for your subject to improve your study:

1) Mix Up the Quiz Question Styles

ExamTime allows you to have multiple-choice quiz questions which will give you a list of possible quiz answers. It also allows you to switch between quiz question styles. You can either have only one correct answer, multiple correct answers or true/false questions. Switching between these three options throughout your quiz can mix it up to make it more challenging.

You can select this option above your question when creating your quiz:

quiz question style

2) Turn Study Notes into Quiz Questions

For most people, the hardest part about creating an online quiz, or any study quiz, is actually coming up with the questions!

To combat this, we suggest that whenever you are studying something or creating an online learning resource with our study tools, you should constantly reorganise your study notes into quiz question form—jot down a quick study question and the answer. Then later you can compile all these questions into a online quiz!

quiz 2

3) Get Inspired!

Making a valuable online quiz can be a like creating a piece of art and as Picasso once said: “Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal”! So, when creating your online quizzes you shouldn’t be afraid of stealing (or incorporating if we are being polite) excellent quiz questions you come across in other online quizzes.

ExamTime’s features allow you to share your online quiz and quiz questions with friends and groups but also to search public resources. This means you have access to 1,000’s of study resources! Take advantage of this and get inspired to help you create your own online quizzes.


4) Don’t Use Trick Questions

Don’t create quiz questions that are designed to trip people up. Don’t be that guy! Instead, focus on creating good quality, valuable and appropriate questions for your quiz.

This will make learning from the quizzes a better experience for you and anyone else who takes your online quiz. Having good quality quiz questions is what makes a quiz stand out from the crowd. See an example of an ExamTime quiz here.


dont be that guy

5) Share and Embed Your Online Quiz

When you have created your study quiz, make sure you share and embed it online so others can get test their knowledge. This will make sure a larger number of people get to actually take your quiz. It also means people will also share their online quizzes with you more often which will challenge and inspire your learning further while giving you more ideas for creating new quizzes.


Follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to creating the best online quiz you can! Click here to see examples of our quiz tools plus our Mind Map, Flashcards and Notes resources.

Get started using our free quiz maker by signing up to ExamTime now.



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