NEW FEATURE: Student Assessment added to ExamTime

Today, we’re delighted to announce the most requested feature by far by teachers who use ExamTime, Assessing Student Scores on Quizzes.  With this feature you can now identify those students that are struggling with a particular topic. It also allows teachers to compare the learning progress of the class or… Read More

Online Study Groups, Polls & More

One of the key areas we focus on at is global knowledge. Besides simply creating, our tools encourage the discovery and sharing of study resources. Online study groups play a key role in this and we are delighted to announce a complete overhaul in how they look and feel.… Read More

6 Types of Learners, Which One Are You?

Did you know there are 6 different types of learners? Determining which type of learner you are can significantly boost your chances of performing better when it comes to exam time. Familiarizing yourself with your own best practices for study is crucial for retaining information in a particular subject. Below… Read More

Are These Our Best New Features Yet?

Great news – even more new features!! At ExamTime, we’re also learning every day and using that learning to deliver an even better website for you! Today we pull the curtain back on our latest improvements and introduce our new ExamTime features. From looking at user habits and getting feedback,… Read More