Awesome free education resources for teachers and students

Education should be about sharing as much as learning. So with that in mind we’ve put together a selection of the best free online educational resources out there to use or share with friends, class-members, teachers and lovers of learning in general!

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1. GoConqr

If we’re starting off with the most awesome education resource, then we’ve got to put our own offering top of the list – but then we’re somewhat biased! Of course there are plenty of educational resources out there that offer similar things to GoConqr: some let you can create learning resources such as Mind Maps or Quizzes. Some will let you find great content. But what sets GoConqr apart is that you it brings creativity, discovery and collaboration together on a single platform (that’s available as an app too), for free. No wonder we’re a bit biased. Click here to sign up and start creating now.

2. English and Maths games for adults

Gamification in education is something that we’ve covered in the past in a previous blog post, and BBC’s Skillswise uses it brilliantly to both test and teach your reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills. Though essentially aimed at adult learners, second-level students are highly likely to find it useful too.

3. AwesomeStories

AwesomeStories brings learning to life through – you guessed it – the power of storytelling! The twist is that is brilliantly weaves together multiple narrative methods such as video, text and image with excellent research to make a huge range of topics highly accessible and interesting to students.

4. Edutopia

Edutopia is a website that’s primarily aimed at educators but features countless informative articles, blogs and videos on everything from tips on how to motivate students to thoughts on how to improve classroom integration.

5. Smithsonian

A fantastic resource for teachers, students and parents alike. As you’d expect from the complementary website to one of the world’s most famous museums, the Smithsonian Education site lets you easily find articles, activities and videos on just about anything and everything – art, science, history, geography and much more. It’s not quite as great as going to the museum in person, but it comes a close second!

6. How Stuff Works

A great resource for hyper-curious, roving intellects out there, of all ages. How Stuff Works is an extremely broad site that will provide thorough and satisfactory answers to pretty much every question you can think of: What is a land trust? How much can a goldfish remember? How do animals communicate? Just note that the site is intended for general users, which means that it’s easy to get distracted by the countless facts and info available, so if you want to find something specific it might be wise to use the search bar!

7. TED and TED-Ed

TED has been providing users with wonderfully educational talks from some of the most influential and innovative speakers and thinkers in the world today, covering everything from the history of bread to artificial intelligence.

TED-Ed expands on TED’s remit by offering not just ideas worth sharing, but lessons worth sharing too (think videos that come with questions, suggested resources, discussion topics and so on). These lessons can also be customised to suit the particular needs of a teacher of class of students. Think of it as springboard for lesson and discussion ideas in your own classroom.


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