ExamTime Learning Platform is Now GoConqr

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Learning is about achieving your full potential, not just passing exams or tests. We developed ExamTime to create better learning experiences. As we’ve continually added new features to the platform, we’ve realised the potential for using ExamTime goes far beyond exams.

A big part of building something online is listening to what your users have to say. When observing and talking to teachers and students about our platform, similar patterns of feedback started to emerge. ExamTime is more than just a tool for curriculum-based learning. Outside of the classroom it is being used for professional development, corporate training and personal development.

So we don’t think the name ExamTime sits right anymore. Sure we want to help people do better in their exams, but more than that we want to inspire and take people on a learning journey.

Therefore we are happy to announce that the ExamTime learning platform will be now known as GoConqr. GoConqr is derived from the words ‘Go’ and ‘Conquer’ which are related to growth, self-improvement and success. We see learning as a lifelong process that supports these concepts rather than the narrow exam focus.

GoConqr is a name which aligns itself with our vision for the future and perfectly reflects what we represent. This means that, going forward, our learning platform will now be referred to as GoConqr. With GoConqr, our goal is to continue to grow and reach every person in the world with a passion for learning.


What Does This Change Mean?

Don’t worry, we will explain everything you need to know next.

If you are a confirmed user of ExamTime, you won’t need to change a thing. Your username and password will remain as it is at present. Also, you can still access the GoConqr platform via the ExamTime website.

In GoConqr, you will find the same tools, features and study resources which existed within ExamTime. This means that all of your subjects and study resources will be unchanged and available in GoConqr.

Similarly, if you are using one of the paid plans (Premium or Premium +), everything will remain the same with GoConqr.

Exam Help Lives on at ExamTime.com

The ExamTime blog and learning portals are a great source of advice and inspiration for students and teachers. As they are specifically aimed to help you achieve better exam results, it makes sense that these blogs and portals should remain on ExamTime.com. We will continue to generate more advice, tips, sample resources and inspiration through ExamTime.com.

So if it is advice you are looking for, visit ExamTime.com. If you want to put that advice into practice and start succeeding, go to GoConqr.

GoConqr Mobile

Regarding our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, we have launched a new update so they can remain fully synchronised with all content in the web app and you can continue your learning-on-the-go. Consequently, the latest version of  ExamTime Mobile will be called “GoConqr Mobile”.

What, you still don’t have it?! Download it now for free here.

We really hope you like this change as much as we do! And remember, GoConqr!


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