Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: Tips to Ace that Exam

It’s that time of year again Christmas exam season is upon college and Uni students.

Not good.

If you’re finding yourself stressed out, twitchy, and about to start crying in the library, don’t. If you wish to avoid sleepless nights and cold sweats then take control of the situation before it takes control of you. Follow these tips to make exams a little less “gut-wrenchingly awful” and a little more unpleasant, but liveable!

Get organised!

The first step, get organised. Know what you have to do. Consult last year’s exam paper and if any format has changed since then, speak to your teacher. Create a timetable, fill in free time with study of course, but also allow for exercise and relaxation. A healthy heart leads to a healthy mind, and the culmination of both should automatically lead to roaring results.

Manage your time

Manage your time and take regular breaks, usually at thirty minute intervals. Do something during this time that will reinvigorate you, do not get sucked in by Sky Digital… Television is your enemy if you intend on ever returning to revision. By taking regular breaks and going for a walk, you will find you remember more. The ability to memorise is at its peak during the times before and right after a break.

Seems obvious but…Sleep!

Sleep! 8.5 to 9.5 hours for young adults to be precise. Sleep deficit affects your ability to pay attention and also alters your mood. Studies indicate the lack of even one or two hours of sleep can reduce your effectiveness and responsiveness by as much as 25%. If you go to bed early, you will arise revitalised and ready to take on the day. If you happen to hit the 3pm slump, a 30 minute power nap is ample fuel to keep you fired up for the rest of the day.

Avoid distractions

Finally, concentrate, avoid distractions. When you are in study mode, ensure your iPod is safely locked and docked. Professor Greene won’t be of any assistance to you when you are trying to write an experiment for your biology exam. Most crucially, deactivate or just stay away from your social media accounts! Facebook and Twitter will still be there if you have to repeat your exams. And you may be surprised to learn that Facebook can become a boring and lonely place when all your friends are offline getting on with their lives. In short, focus on the long-term goals. Summer will come and exams will go, and you will look back and think, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

Because college or work will be on the horizon then and that’s when your life really begins.


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