Last Minute SAT Tips From Actual Students

Ok so the SAT test is just around the corner and you’re starting to panic, stress out and cram. All those nasty exam time traits are taking hold and you want to conquer them. Well it just so happens that the we have put together 10 Last Minute SAT Tips just for you. Now, these tips weren’t merely conjured up by us here in ExamTime, no, we hit the World Wide Web and asked people at random who have already taken the SAT test. We hassled people on Twitter, invaded SAT groups on Facebook and even had some of the ExamTime members of staff (who have taken the SAT) offer their two cents. So without further delay, your 10 SAT Tips:

So, from Boston to Cornell, Bronx Science to Sault Area, we have picked the brains of students across the US and hope these tips will serve you well on test day. There are a few weeks left before the next instalment so why not take a trip over to our SAT Test Page where you can find heaps more tips, advice, interviews, resources and more. If you liked these tips and feel they may help you out, make sure to share them with your class and friends. If we left something out please leave us a comment below and we will be sure to add them to the next batch. Oh, and good luck in the test.


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