Survive Exam Season with our Favourite Education Articles!

For many of our ExamTime users and students worldwide, exam season is looming close but don’t worry! ExamTime is here to help and we are sharing with you our favourite education articles this month to help you survive exams season and adjust to study mode.


We share some of our favourite education articles we’ve discovered this month to help you kick exams into next year (or at least next semester)!


Our Favourite Education Articles:


1. Last minute revision tips: six key pointers, The Daily Telegraph:

Make the most of the short time before exams begin with these useful pointers. Our favourite – make a ‘cheat sheet’ the night before an exam about the things that are worrying you.exam season


2. 10 tips to manage your study time better, Help me to Study:

Study time is the most valuable thing you possess. This article tells you how to make the best possible use of your study time that will improve your ability to manage your time effectively.


3. Concentration Tips, Academic Tips:

This study tips posts provides some simple but direct tips to eliminate distraction and help you concentrate on your study.


4. How to write a great essay in ten simple steps, Edgalaxy:

If your English exam is on the horizon, take  a look at how to write a great essay and give yourself the chance to get extra marks on the day.


5. Stress reduction tips, Academic Tips:

Exam season can be a stressful period for students to survive so if you’re feeling the pressure, check out Academic Tips stress reducers.


6. What’s the best way to learn? Psychologists tackle study techniques, CBS News:

Many students struggle to learn as they may be using the wrong study techniques, find out if your are one of these students.


Don’t forget our Top 5 Study Tips Achieve your Study Goals, How to Stop Procrastination: 4 Tips to Help you Study and Study Goals: Planning for Exam Success blog posts – you will soon be on the way to exam success!


Best of luck to all students preparing for exam season!


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