Snow Day? No Way With E-Learning

As the ‘Snow day’ continues to burden parents and teachers across America, some students share in their parents despair while others will allow themselves a sneaky grin. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, this article is aimed at the greater good.

When I was in school a snow day meant one thing, snowmen, snowball fights, hot cocoa and no homework. Enter the age of the internet, e-learning and more importantly ExamTime. Not wishing to become a Grinch of sorts for the thousands of students out there that welcome a snow day, I am going to dive in and set out how snow days will now become a thing of the past thanks to ExamTime and e-learning.
As America braces itself for yet another dose of the white stuff, snow days are going to continue and there is nothing anyone can do about it. From Illinois to Maine, school goers are yelling their approval at these wintry downfalls, but once the word about ExamTime spreads, their cheers will be no more. Teachers and school boards who are not embracing e-learning, are being encouraged to set their classes up via ‘remote learning platforms’ so that school work can continue during these snow days. ExamTime have noticed an increase in users particularly from the Midwest and Northeast and for us this is a great sign.
“Just because ‘schools out’ doesn’t mean study time should suffer”, one user told ExamTime. In case you’re not familiar, ExamTime offers FREE online tools for teachers and students to use and collaborate on. The ExamTime platform removes all boundaries when it comes to online learning and in the case of the snow day, it is a helping school boards to continue with curriculums where they otherwise may not have been able to previously.
We have already had instances of where school teachers have got their class to sign up with ExamTime and from here, they have successfully used our ‘Notes’ tool to dispense class notes. In other cases, teachers have used ‘Quizzes’ to keep students up to speed with on-going subjects. Snow day in the past may have been an excuse for students to slack off and take a holiday, now, with thanks to e-learning, students can reach their students in a private setting on ExamTime and carry on almost as if they were still in the classroom. If you have used ExamTime during a snow day we would love to hear your story. If you haven’t tried ExamTime yet, what are you waiting for. It’s free and easy to use. Whether you’re a teacher or student, you’ll be creating resources in minutes.  In the meantime, stay warm and stay educated.


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