Student Guide 2014: Top Tips & Tricks to Study Better

ExamTime-Teacher-GuideMany students are determined to memorise as much information as possible to pass their exams. If this is your strategy, have you ever questioned yourself; am I really learning anything? There are learning techniques you can use that both optimise your time and help you achieve your study goals. One way of improving your learning is by using technology to your advantage to set study goals, create an effective study plan and even avoid procrastination.

At ExamTime, we aim to help you achieve your academic goals by providing proven study advice. We have gathered the best study tips and tricks to give you the Student Guide 2014/15, your manual to winning gold this year by improving your results. To download the guide all you need to do is perform a social action (share on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus) and you can access the guide in PDF format immediately. Get started!

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Student Guide

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Contents of the Student Guide 2014/2015

This isn’t your average student guide, it’s been carefully crafted by the masters of study tips and learning hacks to help you. The information contained in this guide is based on proven research and many many hours spent trying to find what works best.

We recommend that you join the ExamTime learning community to make the most of these tips for your study routine. Here’s a taster of what you can find inside the front cover:

  • Develop Your Very Own Smart Goals
  • Top 5 Study Tips to Achieve your Study Goals
  • Apps to Try Out Going Back to School
  • Methods to Create an Effective Study Plan
  • 6 Ways Online Learning Works
  • How to Stop Procrastination
  • Study Hacks to Help You Learn Better

There are lots more study tips and tricks to help you achieve your learning goals for the academic year ahead included in the guide. This advice is designed to help you keep motivated throughout the entire school year so make sure to save it in a safe place so you can refer to these words of wisdom whenever you need some inspiration.

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What is the best piece of study advice you have ever heard? Share your thoughts below.

Technology in Education: Teacher Guide 2014/15

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