4 Quick Tips to Master Summer Reading

Avoiding Summer Reading Meltdown

Summer readingIf you are a US high school student, you are probably tired of hearing this, but have you started your summer reading yet? Summer is half way over, and I bet you have barely cracked open a book. Despite popular opinion, your school’s English department did not issue this summer assignment to ruin your summer vacation, but to prepare you for next year’s English class. So it is best not to try to cram it in at the last minute.

Trying to work your way through challenging material in the last couple weeks of your vacation is a bad plan. First of all, they are upping your reading level. So you might not be used to the level these books are. Second of all, your brain has been taking a break for the last 8 weeks. So learning loss is probably in effect. Do yourself a favor and get started on it now.

Start Sooner Rather Than Later

Take a couple weeks off to rest, and then start your summer reading. Just read for at least 90 minutes every day and take the weekends off. It will make summer reading much more manageable, and it will keep your mind active during the break.

Keeping Notes on What You Have Read

I would recommend using GoConqr’s Mind Maps to track your reading progress. You have been given 2-4 books to read, and it can be difficult to remember everything you have read, especially when you have so much going on over your summer vacation. Mind Maps are great to use for following the progress of a story, and they can help with studying for the test or writing that paper that will be due when you get back. This way you can keep track of characters, plots, even symbolism. You can record it as you read through the book, and not have to worry about losing it because it saves to your account. Have a look at the example below:

The Outsiders Summary Mind Map

Avoid the Loss

Summer learning loss occurs every year in students, losing one to two months of academic knowledge during the summer break. Basically, by waiting until the last minute to start your summer reading, you are wasting not only your time, but your teachers’ time as well. Your summer reading is supposed to prepare your mind for new information in the fall, and to keep your mind sharp during summer. Find other ways to keep your mind active this summer by reading this post.

Two Brains are Better Than One

Why not team up with a friend for this year’s summer reading assignment? Discuss what you have read and build upon each others’ ideas. This will give you a greater understanding for what you have read, and even help on your assignment.

These tips will improve how efficiently you read this summer. What are some books you are reading this summer?

What tips do you have for assigned reading this summer? Leave a comment below!


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