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Germany 1918-1939 Study Guide Part (i)
Germany 1918-1939 Study Guide Part (ii)


Russia 1894–1917: Tsardom and Communism
Russia 1917 – 1924 Lenin’s Russia



Germany Post World War One
Treaty of Versailles 1919
The ‘Golden Age’ and Nazi Origins
The 25 Point Programme Key Points – Nazi Party
Hitler’s Vision and Mein Kampf
The Depression and Rise of the Nazis
Hitler Becomes Chancellor 1933
Hitler Consolidates Nazi Power
Nazi Consolidation on Power 1933-34
Germany 1918 – 1934 Key Concepts and Events
Germany 1919 – 1933 Quiz
The Nazis – Workers, Farmers and Businesses
Youth and Women in Nazi Germany
The Nazi Persecution of Minorities
The Nazi Police State
Propaganda, Culture and Mass Media – Nazi Germany
Propaganda – The Goebbels Machine
So Little Nazi Opposition
Hitler’s Foreign Policy
Germany Key Concepts and Events
Nazi Germany Quiz