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Popular Courses in Music:


Music of the Stage and Screen

-Music drives the emotional experience of both stage and screen. This course looks in depth at the music of Wicked and Star Wars.

Pop Music from the 1950s to Today

-From Broadway to Gaming Soundtracks. From The Beatles to Taylor Swift. This course reviews the last seven decades in popular musical entertainment.

Traditional Music

-Traditional music is that which has been passed down through generations. Innovators can then combine this music with modern styles.

Western Classical Music (1650-1910)

-Music from the baroque through two-hundred years of composition. Particular focus on Franz Josef Haydn.

Traditional Music

-Traditional music are the styles that have been passed down through generations. Sometimes a pioneer will adapt this style. Santana is one such innovator.

GCSE Music Revision Course

-This course covers every facet of music that will appear on the GCSE music exam.


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