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AQA GCSE Music is a challenging yet rewarding qualification that aims to develop a student’s knowledge and appreciation of a rich variety of musical styles and genres.

GoConqr provides a suite of free online tools and resources to improve learning and revision for both teachers and students. GoConqr users can easily create a wide range of media-rich resource types such as Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Slides or Notes in just minutes. By creating and using visual study materials, students can simplify complex musical concepts and memorise key information more easily.

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AQA GCSE Music Terms


Handel: And the Glory of the Lord


How to Describe Melody


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GoConqr has more than 2 million users and over 4 million learning resources. Many of these have been created by Music teachers and students whose resources cover key areas of music such as scales and cadences, music theory, rhythm and music notation.

With so many educators and learners using the platform, it’s easy to find relevant online Study Groups in GoConqr where you can connect and collaborate with other like-minded users.

What’s more, when you register, our system will make personalized content and group suggestions based on the information you provide. And the more you interact with content the more relevant GoConqr’s suggestions will become!

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Once users create learning resources and make them public, they are stored in GoConqr’s virtual Library where they can be accessed by other users for free.

And when you find public GCSE Music resources that you like, you are free to make copies of them, embed them on websites or blogs, share the resource link, or edit the resource to suit your own needs.

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GoConqr is a cloud-based learning platform, which means that you can easily access your study resources from any desktop – whether you’re at school, at home or sitting in a café at your laptop.

But that’s not all. The GoConqr Mobile app for iOS and Android lets you truly learn on the go by giving you instant and easy access to all your resources on your mobile device. Now you can view countless GCSE Music Mind Maps, Flashcards, Slides and Quizzes, whenever you want, from wherever you are. It really is a world of knowledge at your fingertips.

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