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7 of the Best Student Apps for 2017

When studying online tools and content can really enrich the learning process complementing existing knowledge and classroom experience. But the internet is so vast and complex that it can be difficult to select from all the options available. To make things easier for you, we present this a list of the most interesting and recommended student apps for 2017 to ensure that your study process is as complete as possible.

What are the best student apps for 2017?

#1 GoConqr

Of course we’re going to recommend GoConqr! We continue to grow and our community now has over 3 million members. This means that our content library and study groups have millions of resources on all the subjects and topics you can imagine. The variety of easy to use tools – including flashcards for memorization and mind maps for organising thoughts – means that you can structure your study to suit your learning style. We will continue to add exciting new features throughout 2017.

#2 Office Lens

This is one of the most useful student apps for 2017, since it allows you  to scan any type of document with a mobile phone simply by taking a photo. It does not matter if the format is paper, PDF, Word or Powerpoint, or even a whiteboard, by photographing it, the document will be imported automatically to your mobile device. This means that you can convert hand-written notes into PDFs or other formats.

#3 Wolfram Alpha

We all know that we can ask Google anything and that Wikipedia is a useful resource, but sometimes there is just too much information! If you have a specific question on an exam subject when revising Wolfram Alpha is a search engine which will provide you with just the right amount of accurate information.  It is one of our highly recommended student apps for 2017.

#4 Lumosity

Lumosity is not a study app as such but is one of our recommended student apps for 2017. It gives you with more cognitive games to train your brains on a daily basis. There are more than 50 games to increase your mental agility and these mental workouts will get your brain fit and prepared for your exams or tests..

#5 SelfControl

One of the most difficult aspects about studying online is trying to concentrate when interrupted and distracted by the constant notifications and messages that come from apps and social networks. To avoid this, the Selfcontrol app allows you to block specific pages or notifications for a particular time period…so you can’t get distracted – even if you want to!

#6 TED

TED talks have become famous for the fascinating presentations and thoughtful insights provided by the speakers. The TED app allows you to easily access these talks from your mobile and browse by topic. You will be amazed at what you can learn, and just as important TED speakers are often very inspiring which can be a great motivator when you need to study. (In case you were wondering, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design).

#7 Caffeine

Like the substance to which it refers, this application allows youto combat tiredness and maintain concentration. It is one of the most simple yet effective student apps for 2017, since its only function is to keep the luminosity on your screen stable and prevent it from diminishing without you needing  to touch anything. It is available on mobile and desktop so if you spend a long time reading a note or staring at a mind map, you won’t be disrupted by your screen dimming.

Each of these student apps for 2017 provides a different benefit to improve your academic performance and be more productive. Do you know something we should add to this list? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook!