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GoConqr reaches 3 million e-learning members

At the end of February we reached another significant milestone at GoConqr – more than 3 million e-learning members have registered in our platform, actively participating in the creation of a social learning platform. These numbers demonstrate the increasing preference of teachers and students to introduce new technologies into the learning process, with the aim of improving learning engagement and testing innovative methodologies. To celebrate, we want to take a step back and reflect on how important all of you, our 3 million members, are in creating the thriving social learning platform that GoConqr has become.

How have you helped contribute to the growth GoConqr?

There are different ways in which the people registered on our platform add value for others. We list the most important contributions e-learning members make every day and how everyone can benefit from them:

1. Immense Online Library

All the public resources that e-learning members create are saved in our online library, which, after several years, has currently a large volume of content – over 6.5 million crowd sourced resources. We take information from these resources and try to match it to member interests and learning levels. We then recommended the best of this content to you through suggested resources, providing a personalised and relevant learning experience. Also, whenever you want to find information to complement your notes, you can use the search functionality to find the right material. The fact that we have an online library so complete is exclusively thanks to all our e-learning members.

2. Community and study groups

On GoConqr you can find all types of online groups so, no matter what you study, you’ll end up finding at least one group of people with the same learning objectives as you. These communities allow e-learning members to exchange knowledge, publish articles or open debates. In addition, it also allows e-learning members to meet people from around the world and make new friends within their professional or academic sector. By creating and contributing to these groups, members are creating a valuable learning resource that can be accessed by millions!

3. Highlighting Great Content

It’s not only creating good learning content that improves GoConqr, interacting with resources also has a big impact. When a member shares a resource either with an individual or a group, it gets tracked by our algorithm as a positive action. Likewise, when a resource is positively rated it helps us identify the great content from the good. The more positive interactions with a resource, the more likely it is to become highly recommended and suggested. So your shares, ratings and likes helps the cream rise to the top.

According to the GoConqr’s Online Learning Report 2017, 90% of the users who generate content in GoConqr prefer interactive resources, such as mind maps or flashcards, while only 10% use the more traditional ones, such as notes and slides. During 2017 we will continue to work hard to increase the number of people joining the community. Help us by spreading the word amongst friends and colleagues. Thanks for all your help to date.

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