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Images with Questions: The Latest Improvement to the Quiz Tool is Here!

Less than a month ago, we announced major improvements to our quiz creation tool as we added fill-in-the-blank-type questions, along with new timing and reviewing options. But that doesn’t mean we’ve been resting on our laurels since – in fact, we’ve decided to take another step forward and launch a new kind of quiz question!

As you probably know, we really like to focus on the visual side of learning, which means we’re always working hard to produce the best-looking learning tools out there.

With the GoConqr Quiz tool you already had the option of adding images to question or suggested answers, but the image was never the focus of the quiz. We’ve now changed this by adding another quiz option that lets you put images at the heart of your questions and test your knowledge in a great new way.

So how does it work? Simple. First, insert your questions from the ‘label image with’ section. Next, upload the image you want to use, mark one or more points on it and type in the possible answers.

Here are some examples:

Images with Questions: Usage Ideas

Bringing together images with questions massively opens up the type of questions you can now ask. Not sure what kind of quiz to create? Don’t worry, here are some of the ones we like the most:

  • Geography – Maps: If we insert a blank map we can add questions to specific points in order to identify regions, mountains, rivers, cities, and so on.

Images with Questions - Maps

  • History – Famous Characters: It’s also possible is to insert the image of a famous location, piece of art or character in order to ask a specific question about them. Such as:


  • Natural Sciences – Parts of the Body: Or how about using an image quiz to help study areas such as biology. For instance, insert an image of an organ and ask viewers to identify its elements.

Images with Questions - Body Parts

  • English – Components of a sentence: Languages can be included to – you can also use images with questions to identify sentence components or even literary figures.


Now that you know how it works and your ideas are already flowing, why not let us know what they are in the comments section below!