3 New Features that will make Online Notes your Study Hub

Continuing the transformation of our Notes tool that began earlier this year, we’ve added 3 new features for you to try out. These new additions improve the design of your online notes plus boost their usefulness for your study routine. What’s New? The new features fall under 3 areas; themes, borders and embedding resources. These […]

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New GoConqr Notes: Everything you Need to Know

We Listened to You… – Here’s your New Note-Taking Tool! In the past few months, we received feedback from you (the GoConqr community) about our Note-taking tool. You told us that Notes didn’t allow you to easily structure your text and media elements to make your note look organized. At the same time, we felt […]

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Entering Maths Symbols and Equations with LaTeX

Entering LaTeX Maths Symbols LaTeX math symbols is a way to write complex maths symbols and equations in GoConqr. Using LaTeX math symbols is perfect for everyone studying maths, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and many other science based subjects. You can enter symbols such as powers, fractions, square roots, subscripts and superscripts – pretty much […]

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