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Staff assessment: How to Improve Work Performance

In many companies it’s customary to conduct staff assessments on a regular basis to evaluate the skills and performance of their employees. These tests seek to draw two types of conclusions: to learn each worker’s level of knowledge, on the one hand, and to analyse in which areas the company needs carry out more training sessions, on the other. It’s an activity that can be extremely positive and enriching for business development, so we offer some advice on how to manage the evaluation properly.

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What are the keys to effective staff assessment?

When preparing this type of staff assessment it’s important that you are clear about what aspects you want to evaluate of a worker and what conclusions you expect to draw. The staff appraisal is an opportunity to identify the weak points of each worker and to find new ways to increase the productivity level of the company. Here are some of the points you should follow to achieve your goals:

1. Speed and efficiencystaff assessment

Both in sending the test to the workers and analyzing their results, an efficient staff assessment process is fundamental for timely action to make improvements in the company. To do this, you can use GoConqr smart links, which allow to send tests to workers and get their results instantly and automatically, without waiting or paperwork of any kind. In this way, you’ll be able to evaluate each worker’s results more quickly and, therefore, you’ll have more time to identify their weaknesses and find solutions to improve their performance.

2. Specificity and transparency

When preparing the questions for the staff assessment, you should be as concrete as possible; abstract and general questions don’t help to accurately assess each worker’s competencies. Therefore, you should spend some time in preparing the structure of the test and thinking of questions based on practical cases related to day-to-day situations in the company. It’s also appropriate to be transparent about the motives and objectives of the test; if you leave the employees uncertain about the purpose of staff assessment, they might fear for their job and lose concentration.

3. Self-assessment of your own training process

This test should not only serve to carry out an evaluation of the employees’ work performance, but also to perform self-criticism and to make visible those areas where you need to dedicate more training. GoConqr’s smart links allow you to identify participant’s answers to each question, so you can analyse where the employees are making more mistakes. In this smart linksway, you can easily recognize which areas of the company require more dedication and effort to improve,  so you can allocate your training resources more efficiently.

4. Look for feedback

In addition to questions of knowledge and performance, it’s also advisable to seek feedback about the office environment and culture in the staff assessment. You can also ask the employees for proposals or ideas they might have for the development of the business. In this way, you can have a more accurate impression of the mood and general attitude of the workforce, which will facilitate the tasks of the human resources team. After obtaining this feedback, you can apply specific improvements to the working conditions of the employees and increase their motivation and satisfaction at work.

Following these tips you can design staff assessment tests that will help you identify employees’ weaknesses to prepare a more precise and appropriate training method and which working conditions you should improve to make them feel more comfortable. At GoConqr, we make it easy to create and distribute engaging learning content. If you have any questions or are interested in some of the tools we have mentioned, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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