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Sticking to your teaching resolutions? There’s an app for that!


Now that we’re half way through the January blues and the festive period is long behind us, it’s a good time to reflect on new year’s resolutions. Did you resolve to be more adventurous with educational technology, or to come up with strategies to engage your students more effectively?

Here is a rundown on some apps to help you stick to your resolutions, and more importantly to reach your teaching goals.

Resolution: Be more visual      Solution: Explain Everything


Great teachers are not always great artists … so sometimes our visual diagrams leave much to be desired. Explain Everything’s interactive whiteboard allows easy sharing of visual material (including video), which can be acted on and annotated in real time. This will enhance the classroom experience for everyone and is sure to particularly engage those with a visual learning style.


Resolution: Waste less paper      Solution: IDoceo


Paperwork is the bane of many a teacher’s life… it’s not just assignments but administrative work that build up a mess. IDoceo helps you accomplish tasks previously done on paper, electronically. The tools include all sorts of paper saving mechanisms from students’ reports and diaries to seating plans. Keep your classroom tidier and save some trees!

Resolution: Keep the classroom calm      Solution: Too Noisy


Is there too much noise in your class? Are there students who don’t stop murmuring and distract the rest? The Too Noisy app tries to remedy this problem with a simple approach : set a maximum decibel limit and sound the alarm when it is exceeded. Classroom discussion is often productive, but with this app you can make sure that it doesn’t become a distraction. (Your next door teaching neighbours will thank you too.)


Resolution: Be creative      Solution: GoConqr


GoConqr provides a diverse range of tools so that you can present your content in ways that will engage students whatever their individual learning style. Mind Maps, Flashcards, Flowcharts, Quizzes, Slides and Notes all provide distinct methods for sharing information and promoting learning. These resources can even be combined together in a Course. Mobile apps mean that your content is always accessible on tablets and smartphones, so using GoConqr will help your students keep their learning resolutions too.

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