10 Big Developments in 2014

As end of year celebrations go, this has been a big one for ExamTime. If you are an avid follower of the ExamTime blog or user of our e-learning tools, you will have witnessed another year of exciting ExamTime changes and upgrades. As 2014 comes to a close, we wanted to briefly recap on the last 12 months and recall some of the big changes that we brought to you. If you haven’t been using ExamTime, this is your chance to see what we did for our users in 2014 and why students and teachers continue to use ExamTime and recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

February: Notify Me

In February we rolled out an update that introduced notifications and the ability to control these notifications with greater ease. This meant that for large groups who like to use ExamTime collaboratively, they knew what was happening on ExamTime as it happened and when changes or comments were made that were important to them.  Read the original article here.

April: Performance & Tracking

Keeping track of your efforts and how well you are progressing in your studies is important for the majority of students. We know this and as a result in April, we rolled out our new performance and tracking features. This new update allowed our users to add relevant tags to their resources, track how much they had covered in specific subjects or topics and view performance analytics in their quizzes. The new features received a great response from users and you can read that article in full here.

May: Look & Feel

While we do a lot of work behind the scenes to provide our users with really great e-learning tools, we know just how important the look and feel of our tools are to you too. With that in mind, our team worked hard in April and May to redesign the look and feel of our resources. We received great feedback from teachers who said our Flashcard tool looked great on their whiteboards. Check out that update in full here.

June: Super Social

We know that time is important for teachers and students and lengthy log-in sections can be a real pain. Before now users could sign up to ExamTime using Facebook, however, we don’t like excluding anyone so we gave users the option to sign up using their Google account also. Aren’t we nice. J

August: 5 Star Service

When you are proud of something, you want people to see it and like it too. One of the ExamTime changes we brought about in August was the addition of our very own resource rating system. Now, any public resource could be rated by other users on a 5 star scale. In addition to that we introduced the ability to add images to the same side as the text on your Flashcards. There were some other little treats that month too and they were all covered right here.

August: Lift Off

As if August wasn’t busy enough with back to school, our new 5 star rating service and other upgrades, we officially launched ExamTime to the world, thus dropping our BETA title. It was a really great time, we were busy getting featured in news publications around the world, we watched as we reached the 1million mark in learning resources and capped it all off with over 15 million learning sessions.

September: Mind Map Madness             

You would think after the busy August we had, things would have moved at a relaxed pace in September, but that was not the case. No sooner had ExamTime launched to the world then we were busy updating our tools once more, this time our Mind Map tool got some attention. Our users were delighted to be able to add their own colour schemes, change node shapes and more. Check out all of those Mind Map upgrades right here. We also created the ExamTime annual back to school guides for teachers and students and these proved to be a huge success.

October: Flexible Flashcards

Up till now we loved our Flashcards and so too did our users. But what is it that all of the greats have in common? When others think they have reached the top, we keep striving for more. October saw the introduction of some really nice features to the Flashcard tool that included new fonts, colour schemes and more. Check out that post here.

November: Talk Amongst Yourselves

User feedback is something we take very seriously and many of the ExamTime changes are in fact carried out based on that feedback. Last month we made changes that gave greater transparency to the groups system on ExamTime. We introduced forum discussions, complete dashboard re-design and more. Check it all out right here.

December: Last Hurrah

As this month comes to an end and we prepare for the holiday season, we wanted to sign off with even more ExamTime upgrades. In the last few weeks we have introduced the ‘institution packages’ for schools and universities. We implemented a feature that users in their hundreds had been requesting, the ability to see the results of users who took your quiz. This can be carried out in the group environment and is a great addition for teachers and students. Sign Up today and give it a try.

So, that rounds up everything for 2014. Whether you are an existing user of ExamTime or not, you can see it has been a great year full of change and development. If you’re not already using ExamTime, now would be a good time to sign up and start reaping the rewards. You have seen first-hand now how important our users are to us and rest assured, these great changes and updates will continue in 2015. For now, we hope you have enjoyed using ExamTime in 2014 and have a wonderful Xmas.


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