Announcing The ExamTime Mobile App for iOS and Android

Today, we are taking your learning on-the-go by announcing the new ExamTime iOS and Android apps! You can now download the ExamTime app on your iPhone, iPad and Android phone or tablet to learn and study anytime, anywhere!

ExamTime App - Android PhoneThe ExamTime Mobile app is a free, must-have complement to the ExamTime web version. It allows you to:

  • View, discover & share learning resources
  • Learn on-the-go
  • Study on and offline

Use the ExamTime Mobile app to review the work you create from the web version. That means that you can take your learning wherever you go!

  • Review notes on the bus on your way to school
  • Discover new resources while you wait for a friend
  • Share your best resources while taking the subway
  • And more!

But enough talking now! 🙂 Download the app for free and try it for yourself:

Download the App for iPhone & iPad

Download the App for Android Devices

ExamTime Mobile App - Android


Whenever you want to create great new Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes or Notes, don’t forget to sign in to our web version to enjoy a universal learning experience!

Also Available – Flashcard Creation App

Our first resource creation app is here! Create stunning Flashcard decks and edit them on the go.


* Would you like to review the new ExamTime Mobile App? Please contact us at:


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