A New Way of Viewing and Discovering Study Resources

study resourcesBeing able to access your study resources easily is the basis of efficient study. That is why we have been thinking about how we could improve the view and navigation of your study aids in a simple and flexible way.

The result is the new view mode that has been launched on ExamTime today.  Thanks to this improvement, you can now view your study aids in an easier and more attractive way.

The first thing you will notice is how intuitive it is to flip from the view to the edit mode. Then, you will experience how easy it is to navigate between study resources within the same Subject thanks to the new suggestions panel. Finally, view your study aids within an attractive frame that includes all the most popular actions for each type of resource (bookmark, print, generate PDF, email, share, etc).

Additionally, you can also get the following information about study resources:

    • Name
    • Description
    • Author
    • Number of views
    • Number of times bookmarked
    • Number of shared
    • Comments

study resources

Related Study Resources

We have another very exciting addition for you, the related study resources panel visible on the right-hand side. Whenever you are viewing a learning resource created by you, you will see suggestions of other study aids within the same Subject.

If you do not have any, we will show you some created by your ExamTime friends. And if you still do not have any friends on ExamTime (why not invite a few?), we will show you a few study resources that we think might be interesting for you. On the other hand, if you are viewing a resource created by another person, you will see a list of study aids created by the same author.

Our suggestions are also based on the description that you provide for your resource, so do not forget to always add a description so that we can make more relevant suggestions that will make it easier for you to find similar study resources.

What do you think? Can’t wait to try it? Click here to sign-in or sign-up now.

Just one more thing; very soon we will be launching additional navigation improvements to ExamTime. Keep up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or signing up to our RSS feed to be the first to try our latest features. 🙂


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