The Ultimate Learning Resource: Say Hello to the New Notes!

Our latest feature upgrade is going to change the way you use ExamTime and change your attitude to online learning!

New ExamTime Notes Tool

We’ve updated our Notes tool. This allows users to:

–    Reference ExamTime resources really quickly
–    Bring subject knowledge together in one place
–    Create your online cheat sheet – perfect for overviews or last minute learning

You can now combine the power of our learning tools with Notes. Read on to learn how Notes can become your focal point for your learning.

Your go-to Resourse

As you know, with ExamTime, you can create a variety of learning resources, including Mind Maps, Flashcards and Quizzes. Each of these learning tools have their benefits to help you learn. However, when exams are just around the corner and time is pressing, you might want to focus on revising using a single, comprehensive resource that encompasses everything you need to know in one place.

That is what our brand-new Notes are about. Your ultimate learning resource! We have completely redesigned them to be your go-to resource when it comes to that final revision for an exam.

What’s New?

We mentioned earlier that the new Notes include everything you need to be ready for the big day and we meant it! Up until now, you could add everything from images, multimedia elements and text to your online Notes and that was great. However, our development team has gone one step further and from today, you can also embed ExamTime resources into them!

See an example here:

You can view the resource here

As you can see, this gives you the ability to do a Quiz, flick through a Flashcard deck or play a related Mind Map without ever leaving your Note.

How To Use Notes

If you have an exam approaching, it’s always advisable to have a one page summary to ensure that you know and can reproduce the key learning points. This becomes super easy to do now on ExamTime.

–    Create a clipping to summarise the main points that you need to know.
–    Embed a mind map on the topic, showing background and context.
–    Need to know dates, quotes or formulas? Simple, add your flashcards
–    Add more notes to the resource to be able to drill down to the next level
–    Finally, add you quiz – test yourself on all you need to know on your topic

The updated Note is also great for teachers or tutors. It allows you to pull together the key learning facts on a topic plus supply more in-depth knowledge for further learning.

More Enhancements

Embedding resources is not the only new feature that we’ve added to our notes tool. Guided by your feedback, we’ve made a lot of further enhancements to make it easier for you to capture your learning points.

That was a very brief summary of how our new Notes can help you… We would now like to invite you to try them for yourself and let us know what you think!


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